The Origin of Love (maxwelldemon96) wrote in the_reel_image,
The Origin of Love

13 days till the new Batman. Who's going to see it?

I hope they get this one right. In all but the first, Batman seemed like a supporting character in his own movie. And Micheal Keaton and Val Kilmer only got one half of the character right each (Keaton: Batman. Kilmer: Bruce Wayne) and George Clooney just played George Clooney. I've always liked Christian Bale, so I hope he's good.

It sounds like they've avoided the camp factor that plagued the last two dreary movies. And no more Arnold, Alicia, or Chris O' Donald. Thank god. Chris was just annoying and whiny. Alicia couldn't act at all, and Arnold, well I'm just sick of him being cast as doctor types. Casting him as the intelligent guy has always been a HUGE mistake.

But this has a score of actors I like. And The Scarecrow is played by the guy from 28 Days Later. If the story is good, and gives the hero and villain equal screen time, I think it'll be great.
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