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anything but...

Can we talk about anything but Star Wars, I'm starting to do my nut reading about it on countless websites. I'm getting myself into plenty of arguments too, soooo I need a little escape. How about the 5 movies we're most looking forward to this year? I may aswell start I s'pose

1: Batman Begins

I'm a Batman nut, so no doubt I'll be getting myself into plenty more arguments with people who didn't like this, well hopefully, as long as it doesn't suck...okay now I'm starting to scare myself

2: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dahl, Burton, Depp, I can't see how this can go wrong.

3: The Corpse Bride

I'm also a Tim Burton nut so...

4: War of the Worlds

I dunno, looks like it has great potential, I'm just hoping it don't get toooo weepy

5: A Scanner Darkly

looks pretty impressive, I know looks ain't everything, but the idea seems pretty cool too.

I'm sure there's some other smaller films that I'm forgetting, or little gems I've heard little about that'll pop up and astound me, but at this exact moment in time, these are the 5 that pop to mind
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