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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith review *spoiler*, for all three of you that don't know what happens

The third part of the, before now, woefully bland prequels of the famous Star Wars trilogy, Revenge, first off, has some spectacular looking new CGI locals, including a planet of lava, and Kashyyk (the planet of wookies (yay, wookies!). It also has a story that not only is less confusing, than, but also ties up parts of Attack of the Clones that just had me shaking my head in utter confusion. Also, the movie is very dark. About as dark as a PG-13 rating will license. However, if you're like me, and you thought Phantom Menace was too kiddy and Attack too bland, you'll be sad but also shivers will run down your spine at the shear awesomeness of the darkness. This is the dark time that Obi-wan talked about.

I personally thought it didn't come soon enough. I still had to go through two scenes of badly written, badly acted shlock between Anakin (Hayden Christiansen) and Padme (Natalie Portman). Ah yes, the acting. Until he gets dark and dirty, Hayden brings down about 75% of the scenes he's in a notch. Happy, sad, frustrated, he still has a monotone and bland facial features, though some bad scripting doesn't help too too much.

Natalie is better, and I did actually feel for her at some points. I just can't believe that with her tiny belly she was actually having twins. Thank god for Papatine (Ian McDiarman), who brings it all in with his voice, oozing of quiet malevolence and unsettling trickery, and Ewan McGregor, who holds a lot of the more human scenes together with his warmness and charm. Yoda is badass, though I noted some rehashing of his scene in Attack of the Clones. Of all the characters, I really felt the most for Yoda and Obi-Wan.

There are unfortunetly, a few scenes where the bad scripting DOES get in the way, combined with one or two off-key acting notes that resulted in me just smiling, such as when Samuel L. Jackson died, and when Vader is brought back to life. And why is General Grievous, the new badass (He really is) on the block, coughing? HE'S A DROID!!!! Still, there are still one or two surprises in store, so they won't be spoiled. Despite an off-kilter performace from Hayden as "good" Anakin, he makes up for it with bad Anakin. There was so much darkness in this movie and moments that sent shivers up my spine that it almost makes up for Hayden. Plus it has some awe-inspiring action scenes and makes allusions to our current Presidential situation that just makes me smile. Revenge of the Sith does the originals justice, and is probably slightly better than Return of the Jedi. Now if we could just do some strategic cuts to the previous two movies, that would be even better.
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