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King Kong [
Friday, December 16th
What can I say about this movie besides... "Wow."

It's one of those movies that you go in thinking, "Big deal. It's a monkey that fights Dinosaurs. How cool could that possibly be?" But, it really IS cool. I was amazed. I don't want to go too into detail, but I have to say that this is possibly THE only movie that I liked Jack Black in... let it be known that you shall never hear those words coming from me for all eternity

Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith [
Thursday, June 9th

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Mr. & Mrs. Smith are a married couple going through some problems. Both are professional assassins unbeknownest to each-other. When both are assigned to the same target, their true identities are revealed to each other.


That's the first word that comes to mind when Mr. and Mrs. Smith is mentioned. The perfect example of what and action/comedy movie should be. Effortlessly cool, brilliantly witty. Brad Pitt is by far the only actor on the planet who can make being an idiot look so cool.

Where to start. Well plot wise it's functional, as functional as you need it to be for this kind of movie. the action set-pieces are great, but what surprised me is the subtle and not so subtle metaphors for the types of problems every realtionship goes through. This movie is simply perfect in that it achieves exactly what it set out to do and more. If you want to analyse a movie to death and question the human condition go and see something else. If you want an exceptional piece of entertainment, then this is the film for you. Enough character development is given to make the characters more than two dimensional without diminishing from the overall action and comedy. The dinner scene where John and Jane both know each other are hitmen but not sure if the other knows that they know is fantastic.

I haven't been this entertained by a film since Pirates of the Caribbean. It's not Citizen Kane, but for what it set out to do it is nigh on perfect.

Overall: 9/10


Review: In Good Company [
Saturday, June 4th

[ mood | bouncy ]

Written & Directed by: Paul Weitz

Starring: Dennis Quaid Topher Grace Scarlett Johansson

Well basically this is a story about change. About facing the fact that you're old and that the world is changing around you and you can't keep up. Or that you're in your mid-twenties and your materialistic and corporate philosphy isn't really that fulfilling.

Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid) is the head of Advertising Sales at Sports America magazine, but his company is bought by a global corporation and soon finds himself demoted and working for a man, Carter Duryea (Topher Grace) that is young enough to be his son. His wife is pregnant and his daughter, Alex (Scarlett Johansson) has decided to transfer to the more expensive NYU

People will try to label this a romantic comedy, or a 'chick flick,' but it's not, it's a whole mixture of things, and that's why I think it didn't do well at the Box Office, there's no way to pin this movie down into any specific slot.

Tonally I think this has a lot in common with the Weitz brothers previous film About a Boy. It's a subtle, real, witty film that doesn't rely on contrived 'humourous' situations to make the audience laugh at obvious jokes. It's an effortlessly charming move with real characters and no clear good guy or bad guy. These are just people trying to cope with change around them. It's hard to think that the Weitz brothers were responsible for American Pie when you look at In Good Compan and About a Boy, but I think that maybe it's their wit, intelligence and sense of humanity that seperates American Pie from other dud teen movies.

Dennis Quaid is perhaps the most under-rated actor working today, his performance is excellent, faultless and there isn't enough adjectives to describe it. He's got charm but realism, wit with sincerity. Topher Grace is great as the slightly sleazy young upstrat and Scarlett Johansson is great as usual and of course, hot!

This is basically a really nice movie, that will absorb you and catch you off guard. You'll love it, but not be sure why, because it's not a straight out comedy, it's not a fully fledged drama, I'd even be hesitant to call it a comedy drama. It is what it is, and that is great.

If you liked About a Boy or your comedies subtle with subtle wit and no obvious slap you over the head with a baseball bat jokes then this is definately for you. If you liked White Chicks, then probably give it a miss.

This is by far the most under-rated movie of last year.

Overall: 10/10 (I've had a few glasses of wine, but I really loved this movie, it probably deserves an 8 or 9/10 but I was in a poo mood today and this totally shook me out of it, so for that I give it a 10, ain't movies great that way?)


13 days till the new Batman. Who's going to see it? [
Thursday, June 2nd

I hope they get this one right. In all but the first, Batman seemed like a supporting character in his own movie. And Micheal Keaton and Val Kilmer only got one half of the character right each (Keaton: Batman. Kilmer: Bruce Wayne) and George Clooney just played George Clooney. I've always liked Christian Bale, so I hope he's good.

It sounds like they've avoided the camp factor that plagued the last two dreary movies. And no more Arnold, Alicia, or Chris O' Donald. Thank god. Chris was just annoying and whiny. Alicia couldn't act at all, and Arnold, well I'm just sick of him being cast as doctor types. Casting him as the intelligent guy has always been a HUGE mistake.

But this has a score of actors I like. And The Scarecrow is played by the guy from 28 Days Later. If the story is good, and gives the hero and villain equal screen time, I think it'll be great.

Review: An Evening with Kevin Smith [
Tuesday, May 31st

[ mood | productive ]

An Evening with Kevin Smith (DVD)

Not an actual movie per se, but anyone interested in movies, or the behind the scenes of movies should watch this.

While intially the idea of watching someone talk for nigh on 4 hours might not exactly float your boat, Kevin Smith is effortlessly charming, frequently hilarious and often insightful.

Kevin Smith has written and directed 6 movies: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey Girl. I'm a Kevin Smith fan, mainly his earlier stuff though, I'm not a huge fan of Dogma or Jersey Girl, I enjoyed Jay and SIlent Bob Strike Back but it's his earlier stuff that I'm a real big fan of. Kevin Smith's films aren't to everyone's taste but fan or no fan you should watch An Evening with Kevin Smith.

A few years ago Kevin Smith visited college campuses for Q&As. Five of those sessions were filmed, and are edited here into a 4 hour film. There's nothing else, no sketches, no behind the scenes footage, no documentary of Smith on the road. Just Smith, taking questions and answering them. Sounds boring doesn't it? I sat glued to my sofa for the full four hours, the time flew by, day turned to night outside my room without me noticing.

If you're offeneded by constant swearing and obscene, scatological jokes, then maybe it's not such a good idea to watch An Evening with Kevin Smith, get past this though and you'll find an extremely entertaining series of anecdotes, personal stories, off-beat answers to increasingly ridiculous questions. One of the highlights has to be Kevin Smith recounting how he got involved with writing Superman Lives in 1997, being told by the producer that he had three conditions for Kevin when writing the script: 1. He didn't want to see Superman in the suit. 2. He didn't want him to fly (?!?!) 3. He had to fight a giant spider in Act II. This story is followed by Smith's leaving the project once Tim Burton came onboard and Smith's subsequent war of of words with Tim Burton. Being a huge Tim Burton fan I thought I'd get annoyed at Smith's barbs directed at Burton, but they were too witty for me not to laugh. It's the light-hearted nature with which Smith talks and insults people that makes him so engaging to watch and listen to. Ironic considering the character he plays in his films is Silent Bob (who rarely utters a word)

You'll find yourself laughing along with the audiences, chuckling at the little witty asides and end up feeling like you're listening to a buddy recount his tales while sitting on your couch. Sometimes the tales may go on a little too long, I really wasn't sure how much detail I wanted Smith to go into when talking about the first time he and his wife had sex, and maybe if you're not aware of his movies you may find it harder to enjoy some of the stories. But I urge you to give it a shot.

Funnier than most 'Proper' comedies, more engaging than the heaviest blockbusters, more enjoyable than most movies.

There are no real extras on the DVD, just a few trailers. But the DVD pretty much feels like one big long extra anyway :P

Score: 9/10


New York Minute [
Monday, May 30th

Yeesh. I mean, Steve Carino's done some bad stuff (Bringing Down the House, Like Mike, Dumb and Dumberer, Father of the Bride...) but c'mon. NO ONE could need money this badly. Sad to say, Andy Richter does NOT control the Universe in this piece of schlock. Alright, my sympathy time for these two saps is over. Do not see this movie. This is all I can explain from it. Mary Kate and Ashley (or whatever their character names are. w/e) run half-naked around New York for 80 minutes. That's really all you need to know. One of them tries to play a bad girl rocker, the other a workaholic. They just come off as playing themselves: Two souless Hollywood shills. The jokes are stiff, lame, and not funny. Do not rent this movie.

Batman doesn't just rule the night anymore... [
Sunday, May 29th

[ mood | ecstatic ]

...he's going to rule the summer

Batman Begins, 10 minute preview

The ten minute preview of Batman Begins, amazing, is the only word I can come up with for it, no major spoilers, maybe a couple of simple moments are spoiled, but my God does it show how much this movie is going to rock. Quite simply perfect


anything but... [
Tuesday, May 24th

[ mood | amused ]

Can we talk about anything but Star Wars, I'm starting to do my nut reading about it on countless websites. I'm getting myself into plenty of arguments too, soooo I need a little escape. How about the 5 movies we're most looking forward to this year? I may aswell start I s'pose

1: Batman Begins

I'm a Batman nut, so no doubt I'll be getting myself into plenty more arguments with people who didn't like this, well hopefully, as long as it doesn't suck...okay now I'm starting to scare myself

2: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dahl, Burton, Depp, I can't see how this can go wrong.

3: The Corpse Bride

I'm also a Tim Burton nut so...

4: War of the Worlds

I dunno, looks like it has great potential, I'm just hoping it don't get toooo weepy

5: A Scanner Darkly

looks pretty impressive, I know looks ain't everything, but the idea seems pretty cool too.

I'm sure there's some other smaller films that I'm forgetting, or little gems I've heard little about that'll pop up and astound me, but at this exact moment in time, these are the 5 that pop to mind


Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith review *spoiler*, for all three of you that don't know what happens [
Thursday, May 19th

Read more...Collapse )

Hercules: The TV- Movie [
Monday, May 16th

Hercules - A very twisted and molted version of the story about the Greek superhero. Paul Telfer makes a good attempt to play this hero. Sean Astin rehashes his Sam Gamgee image by playing Lupin, a thrown in character to make the whole thing a buddy-movie picture. I almost expected his to say at one point "We're in a bad situation Mr. Frodo, uh I mean Hercules. An unexpected good performance comes from Timothy Dalton (one of the lesser James Bonds) as Hercules's father. Hercules's love interest looks like Paris Hilton, something which just turned me off right away. Unfourtunetly someone has twisted and molted the original story into somewhat of a murky and sometimes incomprehensible story. The special effects don't help either. While the Hydra scene does the original story justice, the Nemean Lion and Harpies are just....well lame. I believe the creatures and effects from Power Rangers flashed across my mind at least twice. And the Golden Hind felt rushed and very computer generated. And they took out Cerberus! One of my favorite parts of what was originally a very cool story. The movie can't decide whether it's Greek, Roman, or American. And it almost ruined the origianl story; a classic epic. Don't bother looking for this one on the direct to DVD. - C

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