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Review: An Evening with Kevin Smith

An Evening with Kevin Smith (DVD)

Not an actual movie per se, but anyone interested in movies, or the behind the scenes of movies should watch this.

While intially the idea of watching someone talk for nigh on 4 hours might not exactly float your boat, Kevin Smith is effortlessly charming, frequently hilarious and often insightful.

Kevin Smith has written and directed 6 movies: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey Girl. I'm a Kevin Smith fan, mainly his earlier stuff though, I'm not a huge fan of Dogma or Jersey Girl, I enjoyed Jay and SIlent Bob Strike Back but it's his earlier stuff that I'm a real big fan of. Kevin Smith's films aren't to everyone's taste but fan or no fan you should watch An Evening with Kevin Smith.

A few years ago Kevin Smith visited college campuses for Q&As. Five of those sessions were filmed, and are edited here into a 4 hour film. There's nothing else, no sketches, no behind the scenes footage, no documentary of Smith on the road. Just Smith, taking questions and answering them. Sounds boring doesn't it? I sat glued to my sofa for the full four hours, the time flew by, day turned to night outside my room without me noticing.

If you're offeneded by constant swearing and obscene, scatological jokes, then maybe it's not such a good idea to watch An Evening with Kevin Smith, get past this though and you'll find an extremely entertaining series of anecdotes, personal stories, off-beat answers to increasingly ridiculous questions. One of the highlights has to be Kevin Smith recounting how he got involved with writing Superman Lives in 1997, being told by the producer that he had three conditions for Kevin when writing the script: 1. He didn't want to see Superman in the suit. 2. He didn't want him to fly (?!?!) 3. He had to fight a giant spider in Act II. This story is followed by Smith's leaving the project once Tim Burton came onboard and Smith's subsequent war of of words with Tim Burton. Being a huge Tim Burton fan I thought I'd get annoyed at Smith's barbs directed at Burton, but they were too witty for me not to laugh. It's the light-hearted nature with which Smith talks and insults people that makes him so engaging to watch and listen to. Ironic considering the character he plays in his films is Silent Bob (who rarely utters a word)

You'll find yourself laughing along with the audiences, chuckling at the little witty asides and end up feeling like you're listening to a buddy recount his tales while sitting on your couch. Sometimes the tales may go on a little too long, I really wasn't sure how much detail I wanted Smith to go into when talking about the first time he and his wife had sex, and maybe if you're not aware of his movies you may find it harder to enjoy some of the stories. But I urge you to give it a shot.

Funnier than most 'Proper' comedies, more engaging than the heaviest blockbusters, more enjoyable than most movies.

There are no real extras on the DVD, just a few trailers. But the DVD pretty much feels like one big long extra anyway :P

Score: 9/10
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