The Origin of Love (maxwelldemon96) wrote in the_reel_image,
The Origin of Love

New York Minute

Yeesh. I mean, Steve Carino's done some bad stuff (Bringing Down the House, Like Mike, Dumb and Dumberer, Father of the Bride...) but c'mon. NO ONE could need money this badly. Sad to say, Andy Richter does NOT control the Universe in this piece of schlock. Alright, my sympathy time for these two saps is over. Do not see this movie. This is all I can explain from it. Mary Kate and Ashley (or whatever their character names are. w/e) run half-naked around New York for 80 minutes. That's really all you need to know. One of them tries to play a bad girl rocker, the other a workaholic. They just come off as playing themselves: Two souless Hollywood shills. The jokes are stiff, lame, and not funny. Do not rent this movie.
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